Community Matters to Us.

The very nature of what we do – connecting people to tools, opportunities, and training that enable them to find meaningful employment, support themselves and their families, and help build more sustainable communities – puts social responsibility at Manpower’s core.  Our commitment to producing a positive impact on individuals and societies is also and extension of our values:

  • Respect for individuals and communities and the important role work plays in people’s lives.

  • Sharing our knowledge and expertise to develop sustainable workforce practices

  • Seeking innovative ways to develop socially inclusive work environments for the long term.

Our social responsibility principles and practices advance our focus on the world of work.  We serve as a bridge to employment for all – linking the disadvantaged and disenfranchised to opportunities that help them survive and thrive. But it goes even further.

Serving the Central PA Community

As part of ManpowerGroup, we also strive to operate at the highest level of integrity and to be an effective and imaginative agent of change – even in the smallest communities in Pennsylvania.

Workforce Diversity

Since our inception in 1965, Manpower of Central PA has been on the forefront of promoting workforce diversity in businesses all across Pennsylvania. We take great pride in furthering the potential of individuals of diverse cultures, talents and experience. We always consider what people can do, versus what they can’t do. And we make every effort to provide opportunities for anyone who is seeking the rewards and dignity of work.

Manpower is committed to providing equal employment opportunities in a professional, high quality work environment.

Workforce Development

With a skills gap ever present in Pennsylvania’s workforce there are people who want to work – with many diverse backgrounds – but face challenges in finding gainful employment. There are employers who want to hire while increasing diversity in their workplace, but can’t seem to find people with the skill sets they need. That’s where Manpower shines. We work directly with our associates to understand their transferrable skills and help connect those skills with employers that can benefit from them.

All our associates have unlimited access to our Training & Development Center – which promotes on-demand learning in a variety of courses including: standard computer based applications, communication, leadership to advanced technical information. The Manpower TDC provides an excellent opportunity for associates to be life-long learners. This means that employers will have access to trained, motivated workers who can step in immediately and contribute to their growth and opportunity.

Community Involvement

Employers. Workers. Two cornerstones of any community. Manpower brings them together for their mutual benefit. That’s why we’re naturally committed to making our communities more sustainable places to live, work and do business. We encourage our staff to be active in their communities not only in a professional but a personal capacity. We are proud supporters of organizations in our state that enrich the lives of Pennsylvania residents. Whether we are collecting Holiday Cards for Heroes, or volunteering at the local food pantry, or rising awareness to social issues, the Manpower of Central PA team is honored to give back.

Do You Have a Question?

If you have any questions about your pay please contact your local branch.